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Our first wine is Moscato d’Asti DOCG. This choice has an historical meaning: the grandfather of Beatrice, Francesco, in the 50s decided to uproot his Barbera and Nebbiolo grape vines to plant only the Moscato grape , this choice was taking in consideration of the socio-economic developments at that time. Today, our Moscato is produced by the vineyard called "Sette Vie" which has the best location among the vineyards.


Our production it is not only Moscato DOCG white wine, we do produce basic Piedmontese red wines from Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes. Our aim and challenge it is to broaden and diversify the red wines production, we strive to grow and produce excellent traditional red wines therefore we started planting a new Nebbiolo’s vineyard in the Barbaresco’s wine zone that we are confident it will give great results in the near future.


Our red wines contain sulfites below 30 mg per liter. The fermentation is carried out in the most natural way. We do not add yeast and we do open the doors of our winery to help malolactic fermentation and for the wine stabilization. Our “old style” wine making process it is completely natural and traditional.


"Our philosophy
it is to use
the traditional ways
of winemaking."

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